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Flechas de Los Andes

Flechas de Los Andes

The wines

Gran Corte ("great blend") delivers a delicate balance by complementing malbec's fruitiness with the opulence and spicy notes of syrah and the freshness of cabernet franc. Gran Malbec is a 100% malbec whose goal is to embody the characteristic features the grape derives from the Vista Flores soil; it is a rich, concentrated and very fruity wine that has become a reference in the region.

History of the estate

In the late 1990s, the Uco Valley was still an unfamiliar wine-making area in Argentina. Just a few pioneers were taking interest in this extraordinary location at the base of the Tupungato volcano at over 1,000 metres above sea level. One of them was oenologist Michel Rolland, who found a large group of plots near the village of Vista Flores with properties that were ideally suited to growing grapes. A firm believer in the project's potential, he started looking for partners to bring this new estate to life. Benjamin de Rothschild and Laurent Dassault were won over by the site and by the challenge to create a vineyard from scratch and to produce great wines in this new region. They had to do everything. Each partner bought 100 hectares, which they combined to create a vast, coherent property. Construction work was required to deliver electricity and irrigation to the site. The vines were planted gradually from 1999 onward. A cellar was built in 2003 and has been in operation since the 2004 harvest, which marked the birth of Flechas de los Andes.
Building the winery was an ambitious undertaking. Its decor and layout were dreamed up by science fiction artist Philippe Druillet and its architecture is one of a kind. Arrows feature heavily in the design, echoing the visual trademark of the Rothschild family, while also honouring the style of traditional Argentine estancias. The structures and architectural details (patio, gallery, gates, etc.) were all made by local masons, woodworkers, metalworkers and craftsmen with an emphasis on regional materials. Today, the winery at Flechas de los Andes is well known throughout the Mendoza province. The Uco Valley is now a major wine-making region of national and international renown. It is home to some of the country's best malbecs. Today Alta Vista, Bodega Rolland, Cuvelier de los Andes, Diamandes, Monteviejo and Flechas de los Andes are all major players in Argentine grape growing.

A joint venture

The creation of the Flechas de los Andes winery was made possible when enthusiasts Bordeaux winegrowers and investors came together with oenologist Michel Rolland to explore an exceptional terroir. To plant the grapevines and make the most of the plots that cover more than 800 hectares in all, the partners pooled their knowledge and create Clos de los Siete (Vineyard of Seven). The project gave rise to estates that would go on to produce their own vintages.

The Soil

Flechas de los Andes only produces red wines and takes great care to ensure that each of them, in their own way, makes the most of the ruling grape of Argentina: malbec.

Located 120 kilometres south of Mendoza, Argentina, near the village of Vista Flores, the Flechas de los Andes vineyard now occupies more than 100 hectares in the Andean foothills. The first vines were planted in 1999 and they are quite dense for Argentina (5,500 vines per hectare). The malbec grapes seem to have found their ideal location on these plots of rocks, granite pebbles and alluvial gravels perched at 1,100 metres above sea level. They are joined by plots of merlot, syrah and cabernet sauvignon. The hot, dry climate is characterised as semi-arid continental and features pronounced temperature fluctuations between day and night and across seasons. These mid-altitude conditions are highly conducive to the ripening of red grapes and, more particularly, of malbec grapes.